Essential Tunic Dress - Tea Length

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If you love our Essential Tunics or Essential Tunic Dresses, you’ll love one of the newest additions to our women’s clothing collection! Introducing the Essential Tunic Dress - Tea Length, with the same flattering shape you love in our other essential pieces, only four inches longer. Browse our selection of new dresses below, perfect for all seasons of the year.

“Cozy, soft, and really cute!” - Theresa D.

Proceeds benefit the National Children’s Charity.

Flattering Dresses that You Can Wear All Year Long

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Essential Tunic Dress - Tea Length becomes a staple in women’s wardrobes. Its cozy material, fun patterns, and slimming shape make this the perfect, flattering dress for all day wear!

“Love this dress!” - Bernice A.

Shop your size from XS to XXXL and enjoy a longer dress length for a more formal feel. The Essential Tunic Dress - Tea Length looks classy in formal settings and feels comfortable, soft, and flowy like your favorite summer dresses when you want to upgrade your everyday, casual look to a more sophisticated style.

Like our other Essential Dresses, these new dresses are ideal for travel. Pack them tightly without wrinkling the fabric and take your keys and phone out with you in our fan-favorite, flat pockets! Find a pattern you’ll love at a price that’s hard to resist. Try our Tea Length Essential Tunic Dresses today for a classic, comfortable dress you’ll wear over and over again.