Essential Tunic Dresses


Soft and Flowy Tunic Dresses

Casual, comfortable, and flattering—you can’t go wrong with Mountain Mamas’ Essential Tunic Dresses! They are stretchy and light material dresses that are fit for any occasion. Dress up in one of our summer dresses for a day at the office, a night on the town, and everything in between! For both casual and formal settings, these comfortable dresses are something you can wear the entire day.

These dresses are ideal for travel. They pack compactly and pair easily with a vest, shawl, or poncho for a little extra warmth. Finish with a scarf for a polished, fashionable flair. Each Essential Tunic Dress also comes with pockets to keep your phone and keys handy! The pockets are even designed in a way where items will lie flat instead of adding a bulky bump to your outfit.

Choose a pattern that fits your style! Essential Tunic Dresses look great on every body type with their flattering silhouettes from XS to XXXL. When treated gently, the high-quality fabric won’t lose its buttery softness or shape for a long time. Treat yourself to a new Essential Tunic Dress from Mountain Mamas.