Women’s Leggings

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Our soft fashion leggings feel like you're wearing a cloud. We've got you covered with a variety of colors and styles that complete any look. Our trendy leggings work for all occasions, and they're so comfortable you can wear them as pajamas (we won't tell!).


Patterned and Plus Size Leggings for the Everyday Woman

Women’s leggings are a must for any wardrobe. Versatile and trendy leggings can complete your favorite outfit and may just be the most comfortable bottoms you own.

At Mountain Mamas, we love leggings just as much as you do! Our women’s leggings collection offers a number of different designs, from geometric and floral leggings, to textured, capri and flared leggings. Wear them over and over again without seeing signs of stretching or faded colors. These high-quality leggings also aren’t see-through, so you can feel comfortable and covered wherever you go.

Check out our women’s plus size leggings in all the essential colors and styles your closet needs! Prefer high-waisted leggings? Check. Looking for sophisticated patterned leggings for a put-together look? Check. Need buttery soft leggings you can feel comfortable in all day? Check! Find it all at Mountain Mamas.

What makes for the perfect pair of leggings?

When you’re searching for the best leggings, think like Goldilocks. Your leggings should be just right for you. Not too tight, not too thin, not too thick, but just right. With Mountain Mamas, that’s exactly what you can expect.

We wanted to design women’s leggings that were soft and comfortable no matter the occasion. Whether that included solid leggings in various colors to go with patterned tunics, or plus size leggings that looked and felt great on all women, we knew we needed something that other stores just weren’t providing.

Try our soft leggings for yourself, made for all day (and even all night!) wear. Trust us, you won’t want to take these off.

When are women’s leggings appropriate to wear?

Ah, the big debate. Are leggings appropriate for work, school and other social settings? Or are high-quality leggings doomed forever to just yoga studios, gyms and around the house?

Read what one of our founding Mountain Mamas has to say on the subject of whether or not it’s okay to wear leggings as pants! From where we stand, the right leggings should fit your lifestyle. We’ve designed our trendy leggings to have a sophisticated look so that they can be paired with a tunic or nice top for any occasion.

For many women, leggings are the most comfortable pair of pants they own. Our philosophy is that you should dress for YOU. So if it works for you, then wear it! If you’ve found soft leggings that don’t pinch your stomach or bunch up in the wrong places, then you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Try our line of women’s leggings when you need high-quality leggings that feel as soft as a cloud and come in a variety of styles! Find women’s plus size leggings all the way from SM to XXL for your perfect fit.