Flawless Textured Legging

flawless-legging-deep-blue-.jpg  flawless-textured-leggings-group-silo-fall-2019.jpg

Introducing our new Flawless Textured Leggings! These women’s leggings truly feel flawless with their flattering shape and smooth, polished look (not to mention their convenient pockets!). Look no further for high-quality and trendy leggings that you can wear out and about as well as in the comfort of your home on a lazy afternoon. These leggings feel so comfortable that you can wear them all day long!

Try out one or more of our versatile shades of Flawless Textured Leggings for a classy, formal look with a laid-back feeling. Purchase proceeds are donated to the U.S. Peace Corps.

New Leggings Back by Popular Demand

You asked, we listened. The Flawless Textured Leggings are the latest leggings collection from Mountain Mamas and are based off a previous design that customers wanted back. Their unique bubble fabric provides women with an elongated and smooth silhouette without feeling too tight, especially in the waist. These women’s leggings are the perfect fit and look flattering on all sizes!

Pair them with one of our flattering tunics or another top to complete any look. Casual to formal, these comfortable leggings work for any occasion! To top off these soft, new leggings we’ve even added pockets.

Plus, part of the proceeds from your purchase of our Flawless Textured Leggings will be donated to the U.S. Peace Corps. Treat yourself to these oh-so-comfortable and soft leggings while lending support to a great cause! Shop the Flawless Texture Leggings today for a smooth and sophisticated look that’s sure to become a favorite.