Products with a Purpose


Welcome to Mountain Mamas, where stylish fun meets comfort! 

Every piece of clothing in our line is designed with the Everyday Woman in mind. Women who are so busy taking care of everyone else that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves; women who work hard and want easy choices in their wardrobe for casual wear. Mountain Mamas has many great options for you. 

Our silky soft tunics are cut to flatter all body types and our leggings feel like wearing a cloud.  To wear them is to love them.  If you’re looking for outerwear to cover long tunics, look no further than our hoodies. Don’t forget to tie it all together with our colorful scarves! Each type of scarf is carefully designed with patterns and colors to match our clothes. With Mountain Mamas, it’s easy to pull together an outfit that pops.   

We have a range of fabulous tunics for different occasions as well as seasons.  By far, our most popular is the Essential Tunic – it features ¾ length sleeves and a hi-lo hemline that flows and covers. But don’t stop there! The Bell Sleeved Tunic has style and flair, and our Nantucket Tunic features an uneven hemline with stripes that glide.

Our clothing is very affordable and easy to take care of. It can be machine washed, line dried and still look good!


Products With a Purpose - A Mission from the Heart

In November of 2009, Mountain Mamas was a tiny blip on the radar screen of gift companies.     It didn’t matter to us, we had almost finished our 5th year of business and were finally seeing the light at the end of the entrepreneurial tunnel. We were grateful.   At the same time, we were also striving to be good parents who wanted to teach our two sons about the importance of gratitude and giving.    

We were also conscious of the fact that our product was made in China.   So, we came up with the idea to donate a percentage of every product sold to US charities.   It became a family affair.   Our eldest, Noah had just turned 18 and our youngest, Jonah was 11 years old.   We decided to charge them with researching US charities where at least .95 of every dollar donated went to the people in need.  The boys did a fabulous job and they took it very seriously.   In the end it was decided that we wanted to donate to charities that helped children, families affected by domestic violence, disaster raged areas, illness, the environment and animals.

The list they came up with and that we adopted included Make-A-Wish, UNICEF, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, American Red Cross, United States Peace Corp, MS Society, The Conservation Fund and Friends of the Animals.   We have pretty much stuck to this list for the last 8 years with additions here and there based on need.   We discovered that Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as the Salvation Army had use for good, unopened product for their stores – so those became add on charities.

At the last count, Mountain Mamas has donated over $440,000 in cash and product to these very worthy charities.  It’s something that has deep meaning for us but still only part of our purpose.

Products with Purpose for The Mamas has a two-fold meaning. Of course, it’s about giving and acknowledging the great need that exists.   But purpose is also involved in the actual clothing we make.    When we started down the path of designing and making apparel, part of our purpose evolved into making clothing for the Everyday Woman.  

We knew from personal experience there were a lot of women that were not able to dress and look the way they wanted to look.    We wanted to create a line of apparel that looked good on everyone regardless of body type.   We wanted the hard-working women that everyone depends on to stay strong and keep everyone/everything together to have a chance to look and feel pretty without spending a ton of money.    We wanted to develop a line of product that was flattering but comfortable.

The best thing about Mountain Mamas?   That’s easy – we make clothing that looks good on EVERYONE!  Purchasing our clothes is something you can feel good about.

We hope you enjoy our clothing and we wish you the best in life.

Peace, Love & Light,

The Mamas