Outerwear for Women

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Add instant style with our new collection of outerwear for women.

Find new ways to be creative with layering with pieces like our Kimonos, Cozy Fringed Shawls and Flirty Vests. These pieces are long enough to cover any tunic and designed to flow with any outfit, body type or time of the year!


Stylish Kimonos, Long Vests, Cozy Shawls and Ponchos for Women

Layer up with Mountain Mamas’ outerwear for women that gives an instant flair to any outfit. We’ve handpicked and designed outerwear pieces that feel comfortable and look fashionable with a number of different styles and seasons. Need to spruce up your closet with light layers and other sweaters? Mountain Mamas has got you covered.

Stylish kimonos, for example, are one fashion piece that are great to wear all year long. With floral designs and light fabric, wear these to welcome in spring or just as the weather begins to cool down in fall.

For a more casual and comfortable look, our fringed poncho for women is great when you’re out and about. These can even be paired with our dresses for a cute, laid-back look you’ll feel great in the entire day. The Fringed Poncho, beyond how incredibly comfortable it is, is a one size fits all!

Our women’s outerwear vests add the perfect layer to any outfit as well! They provide a fun, flirty and flowy look with effortless style. Try our slimming vests in a number of colors (available in Flirty and Extra Flirty sizes) to highlight your attractive features and elongate your body shape.

When the weather gets colder (or even in the spring!), we always go back to our sophisticated fringed shawls. These layering items are so comfortable and warm it’s like wearing a soft as a cloud blanket out on the town!

Which pieces in our outerwear collection will add the perfect final touch to your wardrobe this spring, summer, fall and winter? Try them all at our crazy affordable prices!