Flattering Tunics for Women


Our famous tunics are silky soft and are guaranteed to flatter any body type!

See our sizing chart for help finding your perfect tunic size. From XS to XXXL, each of our tunic tops have a generous cut so every size can cover a variety of body shapes.


XS to Plus Size Tunic Tops

Impress in a new, comfortable tunic that’s your perfect fit! Our flattering tunics for women are some of our most popular products here at Mountain Mamas because of how well they fit and flatter every woman who wears them.

Our tunic tops offer great coverage and slimming features. They are more than just long tunics, but are cleverly designed to give their wearers an attractive silhouette. They also come in a number of patterns, colors and styles to let your personality shine! Plus, we come out with new styles every season, both in our classic designs and incorporating on-trend new features.

Each Mountain Mamas tunic top is made with the highest quality of materials. Wear it as much as you’d like (they’re so soft and comfortable you may not want to take them off!). These tunic tops won’t fade or shrink even with several washes and months of use.

Make a statement with our flattering tunics, perfect for lounging around or a day at the office. Their flirty and flowy styles look great on every woman! Get them now at our affordable prices that fit any budget.

How do I wear tunics for the most flattering look?

This is one question many of our customers have. Tunic tops and dresses sometimes get a bad reputation because they’re not tight or form-fitting like other styles. However, what we’ve found is that a perfect fit tunic can still slim and flatter (and is even more effective at it than tight tops), no matter the body type.

So first, find your ideal fit! Check out our sizing guide if you’re unsure about which size matches you. Because of the way our flattering tunics are designed, you won’t need to go up or down a size for something that fits you well. Stick with your size and let our tops work their magic!

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